Install window film

Why? Sunlight entering your windows heats the air in your house. Window film blocks some of this light and heat while still letting you see through your windows.
How it works:
  • Window film is a very thin piece of material that is applied to windows to block or absorb light and heat.
  • It can be applied by a professional installer, though do-it-yourself films are also available.

What to look for: A "spectrally selective" film has a very thin, see-through coating of materials that reflect UV light but allow most visible light in. This type provides the greatest savings in most homes.

Things to think about: Exterior walls that face south, west, or east receive the most direct sunlight and would benefit the most from window treatments designed to reduce solar heat gain.

Added benefits: Window films can also help protect your furnishings from fading and reduce glare.

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Save up to $110 per year

Up-front costs: Varies

Pays back in: Can be within 1 year; depends on type